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Binance Jersey is the fiat exchange of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance Jersey allows you to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with both GBP and EUR with some of the lowest trading and deposit fees in the industry.

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How To Use A Binance Jersey Referral Code

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Binance Jersey Promo Code

About Binance Jersey

If you’ve had any exposure to the world of cryptocurrencies in the past few years you’re no doubt familiar with the name Binance. Essentially chased from their native China when that country shut down its cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017, the Binance team relocated to Malta and doubled down on their efforts to take the crypto-verse by storm. For all intents and purposes, and against all odds, they largely succeeded; recently becoming the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

For the past year Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been dropping hints that he intended to launch a separate fiat-to-crypto exchange and in early 2019 that’s exactly what he did with the launch of Binance Jersey.

Vast Potential, But a Work in Progress

While Zhao and his team of crypto renegades are to be applauded for delivering where so many have failed, any review of Binance Jersey has got to begin by pointing out that this is very much a work in progress. As of this writing, Binance Jersey only supports two fiat currencies (the Pound and the Euro) and two cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum). So your trading options are BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, ETH/EUR, and ETH/GBP.

While that limited trading scope isn’t going to set too many hearts aflutter, such a conservative approach is actually right in keeping with the Binance methodology. Essentially this is a company that is not afraid to break new ground, but never goes all in right out of the gate. Instead they test and evaluate. Modify and re-evaluate.

The Binance Jersey Trading Experience

Right off the bat you’re going to appreciate the intuitive and easy to use Binance Jersey interface. The company realizes that a lot of people currently dabbling in crypto are not necessarily Wall Street veterans and don’t have years of experience interacting with trading websites. Therefore it’s essential that the Binance Jersey user experience be as simple and straightforward as possible. And that it is.

Keep in mind, however, that Binance Jersey is a fully regulated exchange so you won’t find any support for anonymous trades. In fact, anyone interested in trading via the Binance Jersey platform will need to go through the standard KYC account verification protocols that include submitting bank account info, photo ID, credit card info, home address and more. Nonetheless, setting up an account with Binance Jersey is by and large a painless, fairly quick process.

Binance Jersey Security

Binance is renowned for playing things by the book. Aggressively, yes. But nonetheless by the book. Their peerless backend technology is the foundation upon which all their success has been built. And that includes their stellar security protocols, which have allowed them to enjoy a hack-free existence. With advanced encryption technology in play alongside two-factor authentication and state of the art cold storage, you can be certain your assets are in good hands with Binance Jersey.


Most of the fees you’ll encounter when using Binance Jersey are more or less in line with industry standards. The basic trading fee is 0.1%. Deposit fees are a flat 8 pounds on GBP deposits and 8 Euro on EUR deposits. None of that is particularly punishing or out of the ordinary.

Where some might take exception, however, is with the withdrawal fees, which are fairly high – 20 GBP or 20 EUR per withdrawal. Although not so high as to constitute a deal breaker. As far as crypto withdrawal fees go, they’re a flat 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal and 0.01 ETH per withdrawal.

Binance Jersey Advantages and Disadvantages

As we said at the outset, Binance Jersey is a work in progress and must really be viewed in terms of its future potential, which is vast. Still, even at this early date it is possible to nail down some advantages and disadvantages of the service:


  • Fully supports trading in two of the world’s premier fiat currencies, the GBP and EUR.
  • Enjoys full regulatory support and is widely recognized.
  • Has a very intuitive and easy to use interface that facilitates the trading experience.
  • Utilizes the renowned Binance security, which is some of the best in the industry.
  • Executes trades quickly and effectively every time.
  • Has tremendous potential upside.


  • Obviously the limited trading options are a bit of a drag.
  • The inability to execute crypto-to-crypto exchanges.
  • The fact that the service is unavailable in the world’s two largest economies.
  • The relatively high withdrawal fees.

The Bottom Line

Binance Jersey is a fiat-to-crypto exchange with tons of potential upside. It’s driven by the most successful crypto team in the biz and definitely warrants keeping a close eye on it in the weeks, months and years to come.